When a person dies, his or her estate needs to be collected and managed. Estate Administration involves gathering the assets of the estatepaying the decedent's debts, and distributing the remaining assets.  The process also involves identifying assets, setting up proper records, following accepted procedures, and fulfilling on-going legal and tax requirements. The burden of learning tax and legal concepts, processes and procedures can be overwhelming and time consuming. A surviving spouse, in particular, may find this responsibility daunting during an already difficult time. 

The Law Firm of Jennifer L. McNulty specializes in providing these services, and we're honored to help you navigate through the process. We do so respectfully, truly as if we were working for our own family. We listen to family members' thoughts, concerns and considerations of complicated family dynamics. 

It's our honor to help lessen the concerns and burdens of your family's administrative needs during the most difficult and transitional times. 


  • Working with Funeral Homes and Making Burial Arrangements

  • Payment of Estate Debts and Taxes

  • Consolidating Accounts

  • Inventory of Estate Assets

  • Identifying and Notifying Beneficiaries

  • Disbursement of Assets

  • Liquidating Assets

  • Real Estate Sales

  • Ensuring Final Wishes are Fulfilled