Mediation is designed to help  individuals, businesses, neighbors and families when conflicts or disagreements arise.    

As a mediator and neutral party, Attorney Jennifer McNulty helps parties communicate, understand each others positions, and explore solutions to resolve problems. Mediation is an excellent resource for families and can be utilized for family relationship disputesseparation/divorce or child custody issuesparent/child disputes & probate/trust disputes. Attorney McNulty mediates privately, but also partners with a non-profit organization Solutions: Legal Resource and Mediation Center in order to bring affordable mediation to the local community.  

Litigation is lengthly, frustrating and costly. As someone who has years of mediation experience, Attorney McNulty understands the benefits of mediation and feels strongly that even the toughest cases can often be resolved through mediation. 

In addition to family disputes, mediation is also often helpful for: 

  • Resolving Neighbor or Neighborhood Conflicts
  • Homeowner Association Issues
  • Workplace Problems
  • Consumer - Business Disputes
  • Landlord - Tenant Disputes
  • Land Use Disputes